Cheesecake for Delivery Only in Singapore

Desserts are a major part of every culture around the world. What better way to end a meal than with a decadent, rich and delicious dessert? Such desserts can be found at fine dining restaurants or well known bakeries. However, what if you wanted to enjoy an above average piece of cheesecake in the privacy of your own home? Well, in situations like that, you would simply have cheese cake delivery by Cat & the Fiddle. This is cake delivery in Singapore that gives you a fresh and delicious cheesecake to your front door step.

The concept for this cake delivery service began with well known Pastry Chef Daniel Tay. After 20 years of experience and being at the top of his profession, he began Foodgnostic, a food solution company. From that, Cat & the Fiddle Singapore began. This is an online cheesecake shop that delivers specialty cheesecakes straight to you. The cheesecakes are seven inches in diameter and come in one standard round size. Each cheesecake can serve up to 10 people.

From 17 different cheesecakes to choose from, each flavor is unique and delicious at the same time. For example, the sweet and Smokey Taffy cheesecake is made up of an Oreo and biscuit crust with chocolate and and a little bit of crunch to top off the salted caramel cheesecake. Another favorite is the classic New York cheesecake called Over the Moon. This the original creamy and smooth cheesecake that is enhanced with vanilla beans. Choosing one cheesecake among the many offered can be very difficult. Fortunately, you can get the Fickle Feline which allows you to sample 10 different cheesecake. This option is sure to please everyone!

As if the cheesecakes alone were not enough, there is an option to customize each one. For example, you can add greeting tags, candles, stencils, greeting cards and cutlery. Such options are great if you are celebrating a special occasion or want to make someone you love feel special. Of course, these options are an additional price, but they are a small price to pay to make the cheesecake a level above the rest. So, when you are in the mood for a delicious piece of cheesecake but don’t wan’t to go out to a fine dining restaurant, consider ordering a cheesecake to be delivered to you. Using only the finest ingredients and never frozen, the Cat & the Fiddle will not disappoint.

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